Where to Find the Funny in Anything

Dave Harland

When people are trudging through life, they see up to 10,000 marketing messages every single day.

Bombarded from all angles by billboards and email and radio and YouTube and banner ads that become a kind of digital grim reaper, chasing them around the internet with the things that are still sat in their shopping basket.

Only about a quarter of those marketing messages are relevant to them. And out of that quarter, only a tiny, minuscule, microscopic amount will be shouty enough, or interesting enough, or weird enough to be noticed. Let alone be remembered.

Humour can do both. It does nice stuff in people’s brains, gets them on your side, builds trust, and shows that you’re a living breathing human and not a devious chatbot hell bent on draining their bank account like an evil metallic milking machine (I just Googled “cow udder milking machine” and it really is just called a milking machine).

Dave will show you where to find the funny, and write about it. Even if the industry or sector you’re in is proper boring.

About the Speaker

Dave Harland

Dave Harland is an anti-bullshit copywriter and messabouter who goes by the ridiculous pseudonym The Word Man, although his only pathetic superpower is being unstoppable at Scrabble.

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