8th NOVEMBER 2024, London

Value Propositions Aren’t Just for Planners

Lots of clients struggle to describe the value they bring to their audiences.

Crack the code, and suddenly you’re more valuable too.

The bigger win is the focus a good value proposition brings to your writing: it’s the bridge between what the brand offers and what the audience cares about.

I’ll share a foolproof system for creating a value proposition your clients can pick up and use straight away – no branding bingo, and no weird diagrams.

About the Speaker

Alan Black

Alan does words. He helped The Open find a tone of voice. He created the brand story for a £16,000 single malt. And he trained Vodafone to write for digital. Along the way, he’s written everything from an Alexa skill for Channel 4, to a paper cup for Pret a Manger. Alan has been writing […]

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