Tasmin Lofthouse


Tasmin is a psychology-led conversion copywriter, feel-good messaging strategist and the founder of Fika Digital.

She brings her love of writing and psychology together to help service providers, SaaS companies, and solopreneurs attract their dream audience (and turn them into happy clients and customers). From growing up writing stories to graduating from university with a first class Psychology degree (plus an accolade for being the highest achieving Consumer Psychology student) and working in marketing for 10 years, you could say Tasmin is quite the words nerd.

As a stickler for structure, Tasmin’s work is built upon battle-tested processes, data-driven strategy, and human behaviour psychology… oh, and a frothy decaf mocha never goes amiss either.


Copy Con X

My Sessions

8th November 10:30 am - 10:55 am

Turn Data Into Feel-Good Copy That Converts

Discover how I tap into, crunch, and transform customer, brand, and market data into copy that feels good, connects with perfect-fit clients, and converts them into happy customers.

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