Lorraine Forrest-Turner

Freelance Writer and Teacher

Lorraine Forrest-Turner has spent over 50 years being mediocre at most things, awful at others, and damned good at a few. She’s earned varying amounts of money being an audiologist, actor, cleaner, receptionist, journalist, copywriter, PR executive, author, playwright and teacher.

She currently tutors for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Public Relations and Communications Associations, The Writers College, Gov PD and Big Fish Training. Her published works include ‘In praise of mediocrity’, ’13:22 and other stories’, ‘Seven stages of an affair’ and ‘Bank holiday Mondays and other ways to kill a marriage’.



My Sessions

9th October 3:22 am - 3:22 am

In Praise of Mediocrity

What if Good Enough was a Good Thing? What if being mediocre at many things was actually better than being brilliant at something?

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