Kristie O’Brien & Alex Alcock

Audio Branding Specialists

Kristie and Alex have been working in audio branding for 16 years between them, for clients ranging from Heineken to Hallmark. They started their journeys as a couple of bright-eyed juniors, and now head up a global team of audio copywriters who specialise in helping clients find their voice.

After penning scripts for just about every size of brand, in every industry – including ones you probably didn’t even know existed – they’ve gained a unique perspective on the impact of sound in advertising, and now enjoy exploring how the limitations it presents can open up other new, exciting possibilities.

Copy Con X

My Sessions

8th November 11:35 am - 12:00 pm

Writing for Audio

Join audio branding specialists Kristie and Alex as they explore the reasons behind that boom, the impact it has on listeners, and the useful takeaways that every single copywriter can apply to their own work.

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