8th NOVEMBER 2024, London

The Mind-Blowing Magic of Tone of Voice

We are living in a golden age of tone of voice (or brand voice, or verbal design, or whatever your go-to term is).

More brands are doing more interesting things with their words than ever before. Nick should know – for the last three years he’s been writing Tone Knob, the world’s deepest-diving, widest-read newsletter about tone of voice.

Who’s doing the coolest stuff? How did they do that? What can we learn from it? Where’s it all headed? Why all the questions?

In his 20 minute talk, Nick will share everything he’s learned from analysing and speaking to the world’s best brand writers. (We’ll figure out what to do with the remaining 17-and-a-half minutes.)

About the Speaker

Nick Parker

Nick Parker runs the language strategy studio That Explains Things, where he works with clients from all over the world to help them crack tricky language challenges.

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