Tiffany Markman

Tiffany Markman is a corporate and commercial copywriter, trainer and speaker known for her business brain, her strong B2B bias, her big mouth and her small feet.

Since 2005 she’s spent 10 hours a day writing website copy, digital content, company profiles, marketing collateral, radio ads and AV scripts, and crafting brand voice guides and message maps. (That’s 45 710 hours, Malcolm Gladwell.)

If you’re impressed by award wins, Tiffany was the Most Effective Copywriter in Southern Africa in 2022, one of the Top 50 Female Content Marketers in the World in 2021 and South Africa’s Freelance Copywriter of the Year in 2020.

More into numbers? She’s worked with 573 brands in 15 countries so far.

How about arbitrary details, included for colour? Tiffany loves sharp pencils with erasers on the end, hates the word “revert” and spends weekends and evenings rehabilitating orphaned and injured African micro-bats*.

She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and works wherever she’s invited to.

* the tiny fluffy dragon kind, not the kind you use to hit a ball



My Sessions

9th October 10:12 pm - 10:12 pm

Generating Ideas: 3 Strategies

Tiffany presents her top ideation tricks – the Shrink, the Rabbit Hole and the Leap – techniques you can use whenever generating another creative nugget feels like drinking a milkshake through a pickleball racket.

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