James Daniel

James Daniel

Direct Response Copywriter

James has spent the last 13 years locked in a little dark room near Cardiff. Here, he writes copy round the clock, living on nothing but bagels and Nakd bars.

He had a life once, before copy. He was a journalist, radio pundit, comedy writer, corporate marketer. One day, he even sold an ice-cream to Dustin Hoffman. But that was then. Today, he’s just grateful for the chance to leave the house and talk to people. Real ones, not the sock puppets he’s got at home.

For more about James, go to www.jamesthecopywriter.co.uk

The Secret of this Award-Winning Campaign


In this case study presentation, James Daniel shows you how he used the “Little Black Book” method to revamp a direct mail campaign for a high street retailer – beating their long-running controls with letters that are still mailing now, 5 years on.