Gill Andrews

Gill is a conversion copywriter and web consultant who helps small and medium businesses turn their underperforming websites into slick lead-generating machines.

When she’s not writing copy or auditing websites, she’s teaching other business owners – especially those who take care of their websites themselves – how to improve their websites on her blog

My Sessions

9th October 3:48 pm - 3:48 pm

How to evaluate your copy quickly

Gill Andrews shares a 3-step approach that will help you find out if the copy you're about to publish is any good (even if you aren't a copywriter).

30th September 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Digital Diagnostic

How could your website, app, or email be improved? Let our e-mechanics (Gill Andrews and Eddie Shleyner) suggest fixes to get you back on the marketing superhighway.

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