Dave Harland

The Word Man

Dave Harland is an anti-bullshit copywriter and messabouter who goes by the ridiculous pseudonym The Word Man, although his only pathetic superpower is being unstoppable at Scrabble.

For two decades, he’s been writing advertising and marketing copy with oodles of personality for businesses and brands who want to stop boring people to tears.

You’ll usually find him on Linkedin, leading scammers down strange rabbit holes, debunking the vacuous truisms of Linkedinfluencers via the unbelievable life stories of his uncle Tony, or winding-up far-too-serious people called Roderick or something.

He also reveals all of his silliest secrets in a weekly newsletter called ‘The Word’, where you can learn unconventional copywriting and storytelling techniques, and forget about that stupid deadline that’s been doing your head in, if only for 5 minutes.


My Sessions

9th October 5:38 pm - 5:38 pm

Where to Find the Funny in Anything

Dave will show you where to find the funny, and write about it. Even if the industry or sector you’re in is proper boring.

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