Anna Johnston

Anna Johnston


Anna Johnston is a writer and storyteller known for her practical application of ideas. She has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders, business innovators and entrepreneurial bright sparks, translating abstract concepts into digestible insights. Her writing has been published by the Financial Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, HR Magazine and Reuters as well as some of the world’s greatest think tanks and consulting firms.

With a fascination for people, technology and the way we live our lives, Anna is also a solopreneur, helping Fortune Global 500 companies, international banks, recruiters, SMEs and tech start-ups breathe life into transformative ideas. She speaks at industry events about content best practice, emerging trends and the power of storytelling.

Anna trained in creative writing at Hull University, home to English poet and novelist Philip Larkin. She is now based in London and writes for London Business School.

Storyselling: the Secret Quirks of Your Mind


You may know how the brain works, but can you use this knowledge to write more effective copy?