What You Can Learn from the Masters of Direct Response

Room 3

Direct-response copywriting is something of a forgotten skill, associated largely with the old fashioned concept of direct mail. The association is wrong. The fact is that commerce today increasingly takes place online and sales can be made with the immediate click of a button, yet surprisingly few copywriters realise they are working in a direct-response environment. As a result, the ability and influence of the copywriter is sometimes lost to more indirect, abstract and less-measurable concepts such as brand identity, product placement and social influencers.

There is a place for these techniques in marketing and such things can have a positive effect on sales. However, the skill of direct-response copywriting is not concerned with logos, celebrity or sponsorship. It is concerned with more tangible and, more importantly, testable talents the copywriter can employ to help companies direct their customers to action and make more sales. By considering the teachings of the old masters of direct-response, modern copywriters are able to better understand the ideas a company wish to communicate, better study the audience receiving them and better understand how to craft messages in a way that increases the likelihood those messages will be acted upon.