Tell Your Brand as a Story

Al Robertson,

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Al Robertson introduces brand storytelling and takes you through a whistle-stop tour of how you can tell your brand as a story, touching on:

  • The three sentence guide to three act structure
  • Using a classic story structure to shape brand and customer stories
  • Jane Austen, Eastenders, tone of voice and you
  • Why tone of voice matters so much and how to get it right
  • Telling your brand as an SF, fantasy, horror or even realist story – How you can use each genre to inspire different kinds of brand writing
  • Seeing your brand as the villain (and why that’s so useful)
  • Using negative narrative archetypes to steer positive brand writing
  • Naming brands is like naming characters (only much more difficult)
  • How to create good brand names and why authors have it so easy

About the Speaker

Al Robertson

I’m part copywriter, part science fiction author. I’ve been writing professionally for almost 20 years, finding words, creating strategies and training writers for clients ranging from Lloyd’s of London and Ronseal to a London sculptor and a Dutch medical maggot farm.

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