Recharge Your Creativity

Nick Parker

Date: Tuesday, 4th October Time: 10:00 – 16:00 / 05:00 – 11:00

Recharge your creativity. Relight that fire. Reconnect with your voice.

As copywriters, we spend every day finding the right words for our clients. It’s deeply satisfying. But sometimes the tank just runs dry – we run out of inspiration. Our words start to feel flat. It’s time for a shake-up.

That’s what this workshop is. For one day, we’ll put aside the keywords and content strategies, the features and benefits, the tone of voice guidelines, and play with words.

We’ll have the space to experiment and take risks. To play with our own voices. To reconnect with why being a writer is the best damn job in the world.

Then we can all return to our writing desks refreshed and reinvigorated.

The session will be run by Nick Parker, who believes that finding your own voice as a writer is the key to writing more effectively as a copywriter.


About the Speaker

Nick Parker

Nick Parker is mostly a writer. Among other things, he invented Voicebox, the ‘tone of voice method in a box’, writes Tone Knob – the newsletter that geeks out about brands with great voices.

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