Generating Ideas: 3 Strategies

Tiffany Markman

Ever felt like you’ve already thought of everything? Like there’s nothing new under the sun? Like your ideas bank has been plundered by rats – and only dustballs and pencil shavings remain?

Tiffany Markman’s been there. But she relies on her tried-and-tested Micro-Targeting Methodology to come up with fresh ideas, angles and hooks that never seem to run dry…or, at least, that haven’t slowed much in 18 years.

Join Tiffany as she presents her top ideation tricks – the Shrink, the Rabbit Hole and the Leap – so you can use them whenever generating another creative nugget feels like drinking a milkshake through a pickleball racket.

About the Speaker

Tiffany Markman

Tiffany Markman is a corporate and commercial copywriter, trainer and speaker known for her business brain, her strong B2B bias, her big mouth and her small feet. Since 2005 she’s spent 10 hours a day writing website copy, digital content, company profiles, marketing collateral, radio ads and AV scripts, and crafting brand voice guides and […]

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