Analytics + Storytelling = Influence

Sam Knowles

How to adopt the skills of the data storyteller In the modern knowledge economy, the two skills increasingly needed for genuinely impactful communication are: (a) the ability to make sense of different types of data, and (b) the ability to use this data and genuine, data-driven insights at the heart of storytelling.

The equation for success in the 2020s is quite simply this: Analytics + Storytelling = Influence. But how can you bring together the sometimes ‘fire and ice’ worlds of narrative and numbers, stories and statistics, to communicate with more impact? In this inspirational yet intensely practical talk, master data storyteller Sam Knowles offers the tools, permission, and confidence to build and tell more impactful, data-driven narratives.

Underpinned but never dominated by data, stories told by effective data storytellers are both human and empathetic. Sam’s talk will show delegates how and give them frameworks they can start using immediately. They include the Six Golden Rules of Data Storytelling from Sam’s 2018 book, Narrative by Numbers.


About the Speaker

Sam Knowles

Sam Knowles is the founder and MD of data storytelling consultancy Insight Agents. He helps organisations make smarter use of data – in how they communicate and in how they develop innovative products and services.

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